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Pictures and news relating to ancient Rome and it's buildings. Both the eternal city and provinces. Some of the pics are taken by me but there are also reblogs and links to sites/news I find interesting.

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If you had to pick would you rather live in Ancient Rome, Egypt or Greece?
ancientromebuildings ancientromebuildings Said:

Probably in Ancient Rome during its heyday. Relatively peaceful era, advanced technology related to housing (underfloor heating systems, aqueducts) etc.


House of Neptune and Amphitrite Herculaneum

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This is the Villa Jovis (House of Jupiter) on the island of Capri in Italy.  Though only accessible by hiking, this palace is well worth the climb!  It was built for emperor Tiberius, who lived there for 10 years of his reign.  Legend has it that he would invite his political “frenemies” up for a vacation and, while they were admiring the view, push them off the cliff.  Because he lived up there, people would just assume that the “frenemy” had taken up residence there as well.

The view is spectacular when you’re not worried about your Latin teacher pulling a Tiberius.

Sources: wikipedia, my Latin teacher

Pictures: most are mine, EXCEPT the one overlooking the entire palace and the drawing of how the palace looked during ancient times.  Those two are from google images.

Temple of Venus and Rome and seen from Colosseum.

A bit blurry pic, since I’m not much of a photographer and my camera was also rather poor.

Rome, July 2007


→ Poppea’s Villa, Oplontis/Torre Annunziata, Italy

The so-called Villa Poppaea is an ancient Roman seaside villa (villa maritima) situated between Naples and Sorrento, in southern Italy. It is also referred to as the Villa Oplontis, or more precisely as Villa A by modern archaeologists. The villa itself is a large structure situated in the ancient Roman town of Oplontis (the modern Torre Annunziata), about ten meters below the modern ground level. Evidence suggests that it was owned by the Emperor Nero, and believed to have been used by his second and rather notorious wife, Poppaea Sabina, as her main residence when she was not in Rome. [x]

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Ruins of Roman baths, Aptera (Crete)

Source: By Wolfgang Sauber (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


Ostia Antica, Italy (by Maches76)

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Roman theatre of Lugdunum (Lyon)

* constructed ca. 15 BCE

* capacity: 10 000



During a magnetic archaeological survey under the Nile, 25km south of Rashid (Rosetta), a complete Roman city has been located.

The survey revealed that the city includes several structures including a huge rectangular building which archaeologists suggest could…